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Knysna While we are in the comfort of our homes, our kids and their families remain unsettled in the uncertainty this pandemic has brought. We in Cancervants PH believe in the power of solidarity. Help us help others.​

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Cancervants PH is an organization of pediatric cancer awareness advocates who aim to breed proactive Filipinos serving children who are suffering from different types of cancer and giving them a fighting chance to live.


Learn more about what inspires us to do what we do here at Cancervants.

Sophia Espina - Cancervants Beneficiary

Cancervants Stories: Sophia Espina

Relapse. This is one of the biggest nightmares a kid with cancer can have. The word “relapse” is what you may possibly hear from a doctor when even after going through many cycles of chemotherapy, no mix of cancer-killing drugs eradicated the cancer cells...

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Royce Kevin Labahata - Cancervants Beneficiary

Cancervants Stories: Royce Kevin Labahata

When you meet Royce for the very first time, his eyes will surely hook you head on – they are round, calm and enchanting. What you will not see in these eyes is the war he is trying to win within. Royce was diagnosed...

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Glenn Cheever Buagas - Cancervants Beneficiary

Cancervants Stories: Glenn Cheever Buagas

Cancervants PH met Glenn on March 10, 2019 while he was waiting for his turn to be treated at the National Children’s Hospital. This kid is known for being the hematology ward’s “Oppa” because nurses and doctors are easily fascinated by his smile and...

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