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This is one of the biggest nightmares a kid with cancer can have. The word “relapse” is what you may possibly hear from a doctor when even after going through many cycles of chemotherapy, no mix of cancer-killing drugs eradicated the cancer cells in your body. Relapse. It sounds like a gush of wind that blows away the fire of hope left in you.

For parents to hear that the cancer cells in the body of their child have relapsed, maybe they will not easily grasp the wisdom out of the grievous situation. They may even think there is no wisdom in it at all.

But for Sophia’s parents, to have their child with them is literally having wisdom in their midst.

Aside from the fact that her name means “wisdom” in Greek, Sophia is the breathing human that embodies the very essence of it without saying a word. Sophia lives her life in such a way that gives wisdom to the people who get to know her. 

Sophia still chooses to fight on every single day after being told that her cancer has relapsed. She smiles even while bearing that truth in her heart. The cancer is back, it can take her or leave her any time. Waiting for the ultimate answer to that question is like waiting with both ends of your candle burning. 

A kid that lives that way bears wisdom within her that is beyond the depths of human understanding. Maybe the kid does not even know that she is exhibiting forth what real wisdom is like. Her unawareness becomes our strength. Her pain becomes our power. Her purity of heart becomes the cleansing agent of the deep-seated dirt in our lives called apathy.

A relapse may sound like a near dead-end for a kid with cancer but we have the power to shift this narrative. A relapse can actually mean that we need to refuel the force rallying behind Sophia and other kids with cancer. A relapse can refire – not retire – a kid way too early. 

Together we will use the word relapse in such a way that will collapse every brick of fear blocking the way to the other side – the place where there is no pain, only healing. When cancer cells relapse, even stronger faith emerges. With this faith, we will walk with Sophia in full victory. 

A relapse can actually mean a second shot. Together, let us be Sophia’s second shot in life.

You can message us at contact@cancervants.orgfor partnerships and donations that will help spread pediatric cancer awareness in the Philippines. We are opening our home not just for kids with cancer but also for those who wish to be heroes for them. Your hearts are welcome here.

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