Royce Kevin Labahata - Cancervants Beneficiary

Cancervants Stories: Royce Kevin Labahata

When you meet Royce for the very first time, his eyes will surely hook you head on – they are round, calm and enchanting. What you will not see in these eyes is the war he is trying to win within.

Royce was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia last April 2019. His mother is a rice cake vendor and his father is a construction worker. They live a basic subsistence standard life until cancer sipped all their joy as a family.

When Royce was about to graduate from Grade 6, his chemotherapy session fell on the date of the recognition ceremony set by his school. Thus, he was not able to get up the stage to receive his medal. Could have been a proud moment for his parents, but Royce showed that it is not only through getting a medal that he can make his parents proud of him. Ever since he got cancer, he showed his parents his intestinal strength to go on for one more day, and always one more day. 

For him, that is an even greater achievement. Receiving a medal for that is an understatement.

At the age of 12, it is so hard to comprehend how this young boy can withstand this season of extreme stretching of his faith. He shows to the people around him that his belief that he will be healed one day has no ceiling. He will be able to study again, he will go up the stage to receive that medal, he will make his parents cry happy tears – he will break open the realm of what people think is impossible for someone with cancer.

That, folks, is just an exceedingly high hope threshold.

What fuels our organization on not giving up to fight for the likes of Royce is the thought that these kids don’t think of giving up too. They may be physically and mentally-spent but their spirit roars like a lion. They show us that even in the most horrific moment of hearing that they have cancer within, they expel faith out.

Royce, despite having cancer, has this faith-filled resolve that he wants to become a Pastor someday. You know why? It is because he wants people to hear his testimony, that he was able to walk in full awareness that cancer was nothing compared to his dreams.

Cancer is scary, but a kid with cancer who is desirous to stand with head up high on his “starting-over point” when he is finally healed is even scarier. Cancer must be shaking.

Would you want to witness that too someday? Be part of Cancervants PH and together, let’s get our armory and get on the battlefield with Royce and other kids with cancer. Message us at today.

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