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Cancervants Stories: Glenn Cheever Buagas

Cancervants PH met Glenn on March 10, 2019 while he was waiting for his turn to be treated at the National Children’s Hospital. This kid is known for being the hematology ward’s “Oppa” because nurses and doctors are easily fascinated by his smile and playfulness. 

What most people do not know is that this Oppa, aside from having a very jolly personality, is bearing an enigmatic life story worth telling to the world.

Two months after Glenn was born, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Just six months after the diagnosis, his mother died. Consequently, his father was diagnosed with Toxic Goiter and had to leave Glenn to his aunt because he cannot take good care of his son given his condition.

Glenn’s aunt and her husband took ownership of the job to raise him and make him feel loved and cared for despite the tidal wave of problems that struck his family. They took on the role of being Glenn’s new parents without hesitance, only with strength and courage. 

However, the life they wish to give Glenn took on a different curve again when two years after they adopted him, the kid was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia – a type of cancer that hits the bloodstream. The couple’s theory is that his leukemia is of genetic cause, given that his mother died from cancer, too.

It started when they have observed that Glenn always looked pale and doesn’t have the same vigor that he has when he plays. It was followed by fever and enlargement of his tummy. When the symptoms got alarming, they consulted a doctor to know exactly what is going on. After series of laboratory tests, he was diagnosed with cancer.

The ordeal Glenn has gone through is something a normal heart will not survive from. The most vital aspects of his life have been punctured in unimaginable ways.

What sets Glenn apart from those who have cancer is the state of heart he has maintained through it all  – accepting, joyful and faithful. Not knowing that he has cancer (given his current level of cognitive development) gave him so much freedom to still be a normal child – playing, singing, dancing and most of all – unconditionally loving. Even if he feels enormous pain in the in-betweens, the only thing he knows is that he is just a child who is still years away from being rational – therefore, still unaware of his health condition. And for kids like Glenn, not knowing is not just bliss but faith.

His is a child-like faith.

Our organization, Cancervants PH, endeavors to be the quill that will write the golden stories of kids with cancer like Glenn. We want to inspire people through the power of these warriors’ stories and not just end up pitying them. These kids deserve to have a place in the world and maybe, by knowing their stories, they can find place in your hearts first.

Be part of the army that fights cancer with Glenn! Drop us a message at and let’s discuss ways to spread pediatric cancer awareness.

Let’s be real-life heroes for kids with cancer!

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